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Applications of Ventless Hood Technology

Ventless system technology allows us to offer alternative solutions to our customers in solving their air cleaning needs. The technology, offers benefits and flexibility not provided by traditional venting hood systems.

Ventless technology is used with only electric appliances. The technology can be used with both open fryers and pressure fryers.

Suggested applications for Ventless Technology include:

  • Expansion - Customer has a kitchen and is need of adding a fryer. This is a great application allowing the customer to add another fryer to his operation.
  • Single cooking appliance kitchen - Delicatessens/cold sandwich shops where the only cooking appliance is an electric fryer is a great application for ventless technology.
  • Architecturally challenged building structure - Ventless units are an ideal solution when the building structure simple will not allow for external venting. Examples of such structures are listed:
    • Multi-story buildings where too long of duct runs would prohibit install of a vented unit.
    • Architecturally protected buildings where stacks may not be allowed (historic buildings).
    • Stadiums and sports arenas
    • Airports and shopping malls
    • Colleges/Universities
    • Theme Parks
    • Supermarkets/mini-markets
    • Quick serve restaurants for add on menu items.
    • Conventional hood expense ROI too great.

Advantages of Ventless Hoods

  • Cost and Ease of Installation
  • Portability
  • Solution solver for niche applications

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